Sequencing status (Access link)


The amount of genomic resources in the Musaceae is regularly and steadily increasing in public databases such as NCBI. While we keep curating key resources in the Banana Genome Hub, we cannot store or capture all of them and it may require some time for processing. In addition, a number of new resources are  planned, ongoing or pending to publication and the information is not shared enogu so duplication of resources may occur.

To facilitate tracking and communication, we keep up to date a inventory of genomic resources.To add some resoruces and let other know about the status of any project, please contact us and we will update it.

At the moment, we have compiled the following resources

  • Chloroplast - assembly
  • Chloroplast - reads
  • Genomic - RADseq
  • Genomic - GBS
  • Isoseq - reads
  • RNAseq - reads
  • RNAseq - assembly
  • WGS - reads
  • WGS - draft assembly
  • WGS - Chromosome scale assembly

They can be associated with the followign status

  • Planned: scheduled in a project with funding secured
  • Ongoing: samples sent to sequencing equipment
  • Not public yet: Data or final product stable but pending publication, public release
  • Public: datasets described in publication or available in a public database



For wild species, we propose recommendations for the locus tag nomenclature for any new genome sequenced.

Genus Species Subspecies prefix (12 max) examples In use
Musa acuminata malaccensis Macma Macma01_g534534.1 yes (v4)
Musa acuminata zebrina Macze Macze01_g534534.1 not yet
Musa acuminata banksii Macba Macba201_g534534.1 not yet
Musa acuminata burmanica Macbu Macbu201_g534534.1 not yet
Musa acuminata microcarpa Macmi Macmi01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa acuminata errans Macer Macer01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa acuminata siamea Macsi Macsi01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa acuminata truncata Mactr Mactr01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa acuminata sumatrana Macsu Macsu01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa balbisiana   Mba Mba01_g534534.1 yes
Musa schizocarpa   Msc Msc01_g534534.1 no
Musa textilis   Mte Mte01_g534534.1 not yet
Musa itinerans   Mit Mit01_g534534.1 no
Musa  basjoo   Mbs Mbs01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa barioensis   Mbr Mbr01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  becarri   Mbe Mbe01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa campetris   Mca Mca01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa coccinea   Mco Mco01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  Jackeyi   MJa MJa01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa laterita   Mla Mla01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa lolodensis   Mlo Mlo01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  lutea   Mlu Mlu01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  maclayi   Mma Mma01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  mannii   Mmn Mmn01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  monticolla   Mmo Mmo01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa ornata   Mor Mor01_g534534.1 Sequencing ongoing
Musa paracoccinea   Mpa Map01_g534534.1 Sequencing ongoing
Musa pikelli   Mpi Mpi01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  rubinea   Mru Mru01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa rosea   Mro Mro01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa  rubra   Mrr Mrr01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa salaccensis   Msa Msa01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa siamensis   Msi Msi01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa troglodytarum   Mtr Mtr01_g534534.1 Sequencing ongoing
Musa velutina   Mve Mve01_g534534.1 Sequencing ongoing
Musa violascens   Mvi Mvi01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Musa viridis   Mvr Mvr01_g534534.1 not sequenced
Ensete ventricosum   Eve Eve01_g534534.1 no
Ensete glaucum   Egl Egl01_g534534.1 no
Musella lasiocarpa   Mlas Mlas01_g534534.1 Sequencing ongoing