Visualize data using an interactive genome browser.

RNA-Seq data analysis using Diane

Analyse your own transcriptomics data

Blast Search

Search for highest similarity for your sequence of interest.

Primer Designer

Primer Designer allows users to design new target-specific primers in one step as well as to check the specificity of pre-existing primers with BLAST.


Look at metabolic pathways


Visualize and explore chromosome structure paint with ancestral/parental origins

Locus Converter

This tool allows to convert locus tags names between version of the genome assemblies. It supports conversion between v1 and v2 of the DH-Pahang assembly. You can search either by legacy identifiers (GSMUA_Achr3G27160_001) or by RefSeq identifiers (gene708).

Synteny viewer

Retrieve all syntenic blocks and genes for your regions of interest


Explore pangenome blocks using Panache

Primer Blaster

This tool was designed to test the specificity of any primer pair on the musa genome by using BLAST. Make sure primers have the same id in both cases. As a result, a table displays all tested primers with primer name and positions, location on chromosome, amplicon size and number of hits on the musa genome. If the primer pair is really specific, this status is clearly marked as ‘ok’ in the table.

GO enrichment

Perform GO enrichment on list of genes

Gene search

Search for a gene by name, location, functional annotation keywords...


Gigwa is a web-based tool for the exploration of large amounts of genotyping data.

RNA-Seq count display

Look at gene expression (DEG)